Privacy Policy of Live Sport 365

The Live Sport 365 website always prioritizes the privacy rights of its users. Therefore, when watching live football and many other services here, you will never have to worry about your personal information being disclosed. For details on the website’s privacy policy, please read the entire article below.

The Live Sport 365 live soccer website never broadcasts any matches or programs on its channels without permission. We only provide live streaming links from reputable and fully licensed sources. This ensures that fans can watch their favorite matches with the best quality.

All information on the website is organized scientifically and provides comprehensive details. Therefore, users can easily find the programs and matches they are interested in.

We always operate on the principle of respecting copyrights for all parties. Therefore, all information posted on the website is fully copyrighted. However, we do not guarantee the content contributed by users. If you detect any copyright violations while using our services, please contact Live Sport 365 immediately for the best resolution.

Live Sport 365 live streams tennis tournaments with the highest quality

As a live football channel, the website has purchased broadcasting rights for all tournaments worldwide as well as domestically. Some of the exciting tournaments include:

  • English Premier League
  • UEFA Champions League
  • World Cup
  • Euro
  • Serie A
  • La Liga
  • Bundesliga
  • Ligue 1
  • FA Cup
  • Copa America
  • V-League
  • Vietnam national team tournaments such as the AFF Cup, AFC U23 Championship, World Cup qualifiers, etc.
  • And many other football tournaments

Privacy Rights

Privacy rights are also a matter of special concern for the Live Sport 365 TV website. We always aim to provide the best experience for users. Therefore, all personal information of users is collected in a general manner, without delving into details. So, users can completely trust the services here without worrying about their information being disclosed or stolen.

As an open platform, we also do not encourage users to leave their personal information in the live chat section when watching live football. When shared here, the information will be publicly displayed for everyone to see. Therefore, if your personal information is disclosed in this case, the Live Sport 365 website will not be held responsible.

We also strictly prohibit users from sharing links containing malware or content related to politics, subversion, obscenity, or law violations. If any individual is found intentionally violating these rules, the website will immediately block access. In serious cases, we will seek legal intervention to address the issue.

About Security

All links for live soccer scores on Live Sport 365 TV are optimized to ensure safety. There is absolutely no risk of links containing malware or viruses. Therefore, everyone can feel completely confident when accessing them to get direct links for watching soccer matches.

All football information such as schedules, standings, news, etc., is updated by editors from reputable sources worldwide. Our early updating ensures that you always get the fastest and most accurate football information.

If you encounter any issues or problems while using the services on the live soccer score Live Sport 365 website, please contact our 24/7 customer support team for a quick resolution without interrupting your experience.

Our entire security policies may change at any time without prior notice to users. Therefore, it’s important for everyone to regularly review the policies to protect their rights and ensure the best service usage.


Currently, Live Sport 365 TV operates on a non-profit basis. This means users can utilize the services here without any fees. However, to sustain the website, revenue is necessary. The main source of revenue for maintaining the website comes from advertising banners placed on the homepage.

Most of these advertising banners are primarily from online football betting sites. Naturally, we thoroughly vet these before collaborating. Although they provide revenue, we hope new players can also find safe and suitable betting platforms. However, users should also conduct their own checks before placing bets. Live Sport 365 TV holds no responsibility for any issues that may arise during the betting process.

While watching live football matches on the website, you may occasionally encounter advertisements. These ads are introduced by the commentators themselves and do not affect the match-watching experience. As this is the sole source for sustaining and developing the website, we hope for your understanding.

If you feel disturbed during usage, you can easily turn them off by clicking the X button.


With a philosophy that prioritizes user experience above all, when accessing the Live Sport 365 TV website, you’ll find a scientifically designed and informative platform. Contents are categorized into various sections, each corresponding to a service for easy usage. The services we currently provide include:

Watch live football match schedules of all leagues around the world on Live Sport 365 TV

  • Football News: This section compiles all the latest and most prominent news and events from football tournaments worldwide and domestically. The news we update is extremely diverse, covering player news, coaching staff, tournaments, transfer market, and off-field stories.
  • Match Schedule: We update online football match schedules for all tournaments with early timings. Additionally, users can find important information such as match times, starting lineups, main referees, stadiums, which helps fans arrange their time to enjoy matches to the fullest.
  • Standings: Live Sport 365 TV updates football standings for the most exciting tournaments currently. Simply visit here, and you’ll know the performance of teams in any tournament or your favorite team. The standings contain comprehensive information including position, points, number of matches played, win/loss ratio, and the latest 5 match results.
  • Match Results: We swiftly update the results of recently played matches with comprehensive information. Especially for exciting matches, we also provide video highlights for those who couldn’t watch live.
  • Odds: An address for betting enthusiasts wanting to analyze football odds. We update odds tables for matches taking place on the day across all tournaments. The odds table includes information such as bet types, odds, and payout odds. With absolute accuracy, players can confidently analyze odds here.
  • Livescore: An incredibly useful application for football lovers. Livescore offers many features such as real-time score updates, viewing bookmaker odds, and watching matches live.

Responsibilities of Live Sport 365 TV towards Users

When accessing the Live Sport 365 website to use its services, users can expect absolute information security. Additionally, the website has the following responsibilities:

  • Providing users with the best and safest services to deliver the most excellent user experience while accompanying the website.
  • Resolving any issues or queries that users encounter promptly to avoid interrupting the usage process.
  • Always acknowledging useful feedback from users to help the website continually grow stronger.
  • Quickly addressing any errors or copyright violations on the website.
  • Continuously striving to enhance the quality of services so that users have the best experiences when using the platform.

User Responsibilities towards Live Sport 365 TV

To ensure the fairest outcome for both parties, users also have responsibilities when using the services provided by Live Sport 365. The responsibilities of users towards Live Sport 365 TV are as follows:

  • Users are not allowed to upload content related to politics, subversion, obscenity, or links containing viruses to our website.
  • Before posting any content, users should double-check to ensure its accuracy and whether it violates copyrights.
  • Users must not illegally infiltrate the website to steal our data. They should also refrain from taking content owned by Live Sport 365 and posting it on other football websites without consent.
  • Users can share useful football information to help others stay informed.
  • Absolutely no sharing of personal information through comments while watching live streams. Since this is an open platform, if issues arise, we will not be held responsible.

In conclusion

The privacy policy of the Live Sport 365 TV live football website has been outlined. It’s evident that when using the services here, users will be provided with excellent privacy protection. The personal information of all individuals is strictly safeguarded and will not be disclosed to third parties. Additionally, we continuously strive to enhance the quality of our services to ensure an enjoyable experience for our users. We are committed to accompanying our users on an exciting journey through our platform.