Are you an avid basketball fan? Do the squeaks of sneakers on hardwood, thrilling slam dunks, or precision three-point shots always make your heart race? Then why hesitate any longer to enjoy top-notch live basketball games for free on Live Sport 365? Here, you can watch live basketball scores of all the top basketball games with high quality.

Live Sport 365 – The Leading Platform for Live Basketball Scores

Live Sport 365 is a free online sports viewing platform, offering users a rich and diverse library of sports content such as football, basketball, and more. The majority of viewers particularly follow basketball live scores.

Free Live Basketball – Satisfy your passion with Live Sport 365

At Live Sport 365, you can easily watch live the top professional basketball leagues in the world such as the NBA (National Basketball Association), WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association), NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association), or major Asian leagues like the ABL (ASEAN Basketball League) and much more.

Not only that, Live Sport 365 also brings you friendly matches, special basketball events, and in-depth commentary and analysis shows before and after each game.

Decoding the Appeal of Live Basketball on Live Sport 365

What makes Live Sport 365 the ideal destination for watching live basketball? Let’s explore the outstanding advantages of this platform:

Watch Live Basketball Completely Free

Currently, in Vietnam, you can follow major basketball leagues on some TV channels. However, this usually requires you to pay a monthly fee. Although this fee is not too high, it can still be a burden for many students. Understanding this, Live Sport 365 has decided to broadcast live basketball completely free. Just by accessing our website, you can watch top basketball games without incurring any costs.

We also support various operating systems, from Android, iOS, to Windows Phone, allowing you to watch on any device you want, including phones, tablets, and laptops. Moreover, you can enjoy the games anywhere, without being tied down like when watching on TV.

Watch High-Quality Live Basketball

Although we broadcast completely free, we always provide the best quality matches, ensuring you have the best moments watching live basketball scores.

Sharp Image Quality: Live Sport 365 always focuses on user experience, offering you sharp, true-to-life Full HD images, allowing you to fully enjoy every moment on the court as if you were there in person.

Dynamic Sound: Live Sport 365 powerful 5.1 Dolby Digital sound system will immerse you in the thrilling and lively atmosphere of the games, letting you blend into every exciting and dramatic play.

Watch Live Basketball with Professional Vietnamese Commentary

Not only providing sharp images and dynamic sound, but Live Sport 365 TV also stands out with its team of experienced commentators, always ready to bring you the best live basketball experience.

  • Experienced Commentators: Live Sport 365 TV gathers a team of seasoned commentators with extensive basketball knowledge, capable of in-depth analysis, fluent expression, and delivering information in an engaging manner.
  • Professional Vietnamese Commentary: Live Sport 365 TV provides professional Vietnamese commentary, helping you better understand the game’s developments, team strategies, and interesting information about the players. Additionally, Live Sport 365 TV also supports English commentary and many other languages, meeting the diverse needs of viewers.
  • In-Depth Analysis: Our commentators will offer you detailed analyses of game strategies, strengths, and weaknesses of the teams, and standout individuals in the match. This way, you will gain a comprehensive and deeper understanding of the game.
  • Entertaining Commentary: Live Sport 365 TV always creates a lively and enjoyable atmosphere for viewers with humorous and witty commentary, helping you relax and unwind after stressful work hours.

Watch Live Basketball Anytime, Anywhere

Live Sport 365 TV supports watching live basketball scores on various devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs. This flexibility allows viewers to follow their favorite matches anytime, anywhere, as long as their device is connected to the internet. Additionally, the website features a simple, user-friendly interface, making it easy for you to search for and watch your favorite games.

Watch Live Basketball with Comprehensive Information

In addition to broadcasting live basketball in the best quality, NBA basketball fans can also follow:

  • Detailed Match Schedules: Live Sport 365 TV always updates the detailed schedules of all the basketball leagues that the platform has rights to. You can easily look up schedules by league or team, ensuring you don’t miss any important matches.
  • Team and Player Information: Provides you with detailed information about the participating teams, including history, achievements, lineup, etc. Additionally, you can learn about the biographies, achievements, and interesting stories of your favorite players.
  • Match Statistics: After each match, the website provides you with complete match statistics, including points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, etc. This allows you to easily follow the game’s developments and assess the players’ performances.
  • Basketball News: Always updating the hottest basketball news, helping you stay informed about tournaments, player transfers, basketball events, and more.

Which Tournaments Does Live Sport 365 TV Update Live Basketball Scores For?

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Live Sport 365 proudly offers online broadcasting rights for many exciting basketball tournaments from around the world. Not only does it provide sharp images, dynamic sound, and professional commentary, but Live Sport 365 also delivers quick and accurate live basketball score updates, allowing you to follow the game’s progress in the most comprehensive way.

  • NBA (National Basketball Association): The premier basketball league in the world, featuring top basketball stars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic, and more.
  • WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association): The professional women’s basketball league in the U.S., known for its spectacular plays and the exceptional skills of female players.
  • EuroLeague: The top professional basketball league in Europe, bringing together the continent’s strongest teams with talented and experienced players.
  • CBA (Chinese Basketball Association): One of the top basketball leagues in Asia, attracting many NBA players and Asian basketball stars.

Regional Tournaments:

  • ABL (ASEAN Basketball League): The regional tournament featuring the strongest teams from Southeast Asia such as San Miguel Alab Pilipinas (Philippines), Saigon Heat (Vietnam), Mono Vampire (Thailand), etc.
  • VBA (Vietnam Basketball Association): The top professional basketball league in Vietnam, featuring strong teams like Cantho Catfish, Hanoi Buffaloes, Saigon Heat, etc.
  • SEA Games: The Southeast Asian Games basketball tournaments for men and women, where national teams compete for prestigious medals.

In addition, Live Sport 365 updates live basketball scores for many other leagues around the world, including:

  • NBL (National Basketball League) – Australia
  • NBL Canada 
  • Liga ACB – Spain 
  • B.League – Japan
  • KBL – South Korea
  • VTB United League – Russia

Guide to Watching Live Basketball on Live Sport 365

To watch live basketball on Live Sport 365, you can follow these simple steps to enjoy top-notch basketball action.

Step 1: Access Live Sport 365 TV

  1. Open a web browser on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or Smart TV.
  2. Go to the official Live Sport 365 TV website.

Step 2: Search for Your Favorite Basketball Tournament**

  1. Use the search bar to enter the name of the basketball tournament you want to watch (e.g., NBA, ABL, VBA).
  2. Alternatively, navigate to the “Sports” section in the main menu, then select “Basketball” to view a list of ongoing basketball tournaments.

Step 3: Select the Live Basketball Match You Want to Watch

  1. From the list of matches, choose the live basketball game you want to watch.
  2. Live Sport 365 TV will display detailed information about the match, including the match time, participating teams, current score, etc.

Step 4: Enjoy Live Basketball

  1. Click the “Watch” button to start watching live basketball.
  2. Live Sport 365 TV will automatically stream the match with high-quality video and sound.
  3. You can use the on-screen controls to adjust the volume, fast forward, rewind, etc.


  • For the best viewing experience, ensure your device has a stable internet connection.
  • Web supports live basketball streaming on various devices, including computers, smartphones, tablets, and Smart TVs.
  • You can watch Live Sport 365 TV for free, but some basketball tournaments may require a Premium subscription to view.


Live Sport 365 TV proudly offers you an exceptional live basketball experience, immersing you in the lively atmosphere of the stadium and allowing you to fully enjoy beautiful plays, exciting strategies, and professional commentary. Visit Live Sport 365 today and start your journey to explore the world of top basketball! With Live Sport 365 TV, you will never miss any moment of the top basketball games!