Live Sport 365 TV is a website that always respects the copyright policy towards all parties. Therefore, all the information we provide has full copyright. From the links to watch football live to the related information.

However, for the information contributed by users, we cannot control everything. Therefore, it is inevitable that there will be copyright infringement towards third parties. But when notified, the website will immediately remove it. Specifically, what is the copyright policy of Live Sport 365? Please read the full article below.

The Live Sport 365 TV website has strictly complied with the copyright policy since its inception. Therefore, we have also established a strict copyright policy. All the information we post on the website, such as news, results, schedules, and standings, always have full copyright.

In addition, the main function is to broadcast live soccer, so we have also purchased the full rights of the tournaments worldwide and in the country. So the quality of the matches here is extremely high.

However, for the content contributed by users, although it is reviewed before being posted, the website does not guarantee that this information does not infringe on copyrights. If there is a case of copyright infringement, Live Sport 365 will not be responsible for the information flow contributed by users.

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As mentioned above, Live Sport 365 TV always strictly complies with copyright laws. Therefore, if users discover any content on the website that infringes on copyrights, please contact us immediately to verify and remove it. Of course, if there is economic damage, we also have the responsibility to provide reasonable compensation according to the regulations.

At the same time, if we find that the content owned by our website is used on other football channels, we will contact the other parties to find a suitable solution, such as requesting removal or reporting copyright infringement. If the third party does not remove it, Live Sport 365 will seek the intervention of the law to resolve the issue.

When using the services on the website, users must also comply with the copyright policies established by the website. Specifically:

Users are not allowed to post content that does not belong to them on our website. Therefore, before sharing any content, users should re-check to ensure accuracy and avoid copyright infringement.

Absolutely do not take the content of the Live Sport 365 live football website and post it on other football channels without permission. If discovered, we will report the infringement or seek intervention from the authorities.

The Live Sport 365 website owns the broadcasting rights to which top tournaments?

Live Sport 365 is considered one of the leading live football streaming websites in Vietnam currently. Live Sport 365 TV owns the broadcasting rights to numerous domestic and international tournaments. By simply visiting the site, you can easily find and watch any match you like. At present, we hold the broadcasting rights to the following exciting tournaments:

Premier League

The Premier League is the most captivating football league in the world. It features the participation of renowned clubs like Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, Manchester City, etc. Each round of matches consists of 10 highly entertaining and dramatic fixtures. As a result, this league has an enormous viewership in Vietnam.

Understanding this, Live Sport 365 has invested heavily to acquire the broadcasting rights to the top league from the land of the fog. This allows everyone to watch the matches live in the highest quality.

We broadcast all 38 rounds of the league comprehensively, and update the schedule quite early. This helps fans not miss any of the thrilling matches. In addition to the Premier League, Live Sport 365 also holds the rights to…

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League, also known as the European Cup or C1 Cup, is the world’s most prestigious tournament. However, as of now, no TV channel has acquired the broadcasting rights for this competition. But you can enjoy the entire tournament by simply accessing Live Sport 365 TV.

We are one of the few football websites that have acquired the broadcasting rights for the Champions League. From the group stage matches to the final, it is all covered comprehensively on our platform. The quality of the streams, in terms of video, audio, and loading speed, is excellent, providing you with the best viewing experience.

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Serie A

Serie A is the top football league in Italy, featuring the participation of several big clubs like Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, AS Roma, etc. With the longest tradition in the world, it naturally has a sizable following in Vietnam as well. This is why the Live Sport 365 TV website has also acquired the broadcasting rights for this league to serve the football fans.

If you are a fan of Italian football, you cannot miss this platform. Currently, all Serie A matches are streamed live and fully on Live Sport 365. The links are updated quite early and are guaranteed to be safe, without any viruses.

La Liga

As one of the 5 most exciting leagues in the world, we have also acquired the full broadcasting rights. This allows everyone to watch the matches live with high quality and completely free of charge when accessing our platform.

When watching La Liga football live on Live Sport 365, you will experience a quality that is no less than watching on television. The images are extremely sharp, and the sound is very lively. In addition, the transmission speed is stable and super smooth. Moreover, the matches we broadcast all have Vietnamese commentary, which enhances the excitement and appeal of watching the games.


German football is famous for its beautiful, eye-catching play in every move. That’s why the Bundesliga is quite a favorite league in Vietnam. If you are a fan of German football and don’t want to miss any exciting matches, just access the Live Sport 365 TV website immediately.

All the matches in this league are fully broadcasted by us. The link update time is quite early, and each match has more than 3 links with different qualities. Everyone can freely choose the most suitable link to enjoy the game.

Ligue 1

In recent years, French football has been receiving increasing attention from fans around the world. The reason is that the clubs here have spent large sums of money to recruit top players in the world like Lionel Messi, Neymar, Angel Di Maria… Therefore, the nature of Ligue 1 is increasingly high.

And Live Sport 365 cannot ignore the acquisition of the broadcasting rights for any league. When you come here, you can watch Ligue 1 matches with full HD quality and completely free of charge. The image, sound and loading speed are highly rated.


Through the article above, you must have grasped the copyright policy of the Live Sport 365 TV website. It can be seen that we always highly respect copyrights. In addition, we spend a lot of money to acquire the broadcasting rights of various leagues to serve the fans.