Many new users of Live Sport 365 services will have questions and not know how to solve them. Therefore, we have compiled the most frequently asked questions from users of this live soccer platform and the most detailed answers.

Is using Live Sport 365 free?

Yes, using Live Sport 365 TV is completely free. We operate as a non-profit organization, so users do not need to pay any fees to access the services offered by Live Sport 365.

Of course, our platform cannot operate without funding. Therefore, while we do not charge users, we do charge for advertising banners placed on the website.

Most of these banners are from leading football bookmakers. We aim to help people find the most reputable bookmakers if they want to participate in football betting.

If you use our services and find the advertising banners on the website to be distracting, you can easily turn them off by clicking on the X icon. Of course, this is also the platform’s only source of income, so we hope you can understand.

Live Sport 365 a reputable live soccer score website?

Live Sport 365 – The Leading Live Football Streaming Website

Yes, Live Sport 365 TV can be considered one of the most reputable live soccer score websites in Vietnam today. The most obvious evidence is the extremely high number of users accessing our services.

Naturally, this is why all content on the website is taken from the most reputable sources. This includes news, results, odds, fixtures, football rankings, and more, so you can use it to your best advantage.

In addition, the platform also purchases copyright for the most attractive football leagues in the world today. Completely free for everyone to watch in extremely high quality. Live Sport 365 also spends a lot of money to hire top commentators to make the matches more exciting.

Here are some of the factors that contribute to Live Sport 365 reputation:

  • Trusted sources: Content is gathered from reliable sources to ensure accuracy and credibility.
  • Wide range of information: Users can access a variety of football-related information, including news, results, odds, fixtures, and rankings.
  • Free access to high-quality live matches: Live Sport 365 offers free access to live matches from top leagues with high-quality streaming.
  • Professional commentary: Experienced commentators enhance the viewing experience by providing insights and analysis.

Overall, Live Sport 365 TV demonstrates its commitment to providing a reliable and enjoyable experience for its users. The platform’s popularity and dedication to quality content make it a reputable choice for football fans in Vietnam.

Do I need to register an account with Live Sport 365 to use its services?

No, you do not need to register an account with Live Sport 365 to access and use its basic services, including live soccer scores, news, and highlights. You can freely browse the website and enjoy its features without any login requirements.

However, creating a personal account offers additional benefits, such as:

  • Commenting and rating matches: Registered users can participate in the community by sharing their opinions and ratings on matches.
  • Personalized experience: You can tailor your Live Sport 365 TV experience by saving favorite teams, setting notifications, and accessing personalized recommendations.
  • Private messaging: Connect with other users through private messages to discuss football or other topics.

If you decide to register an account, the process is simple and quick. You can provide basic information like your name, email address, and a password. Live Sport 365 takes security seriously and implements robust measures to protect your data.

How to Use Live Sport 365 Services

Free Live Basketball – Satisfy your passion with Live Sport 365

Live Sport 365 website is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy for anyone to navigate and access its services. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to use website:

Step 1: Prepare a device

Ensure you have a device like a computer, smartphone, or tablet connected to the internet.

Step 2: AccessLive Sport 365 TV

Open your web browser and visit the Live Sport 365 website

Step 3: Explore the menu

Once on the homepage, you’ll find a menu bar at the top or side of the screen. This menu provides access to various services and categories, such as:

  • News: Stay updated on the latest football news and happenings.
  • Fixture: Check upcoming matches and schedules for various leagues.
  • Rankings: View current league standings and team positions.
  • Live: Watch live matches from select leagues (may require a subscription).
  • Highlights: Relive the most exciting moments from recent matches.
  • Odds: Compare odds from different bookmakers for upcoming matches.

Step 4: Find the information you need

Click on the desired category from the menu bar to explore its content. You can use the search bar to find specific matches, teams, or news articles.

Step 5: Enjoy the experience

Browse through the various sections and enjoy the comprehensive football information and services offered by Live Sport 365.

Additional Tips:

  • Create an account: Registering an account allows you to save preferences, receive notifications, and participate in community features.
  • Follow Live Sport 365 on social media: Stay connected with the latest updates and engage with other football fans.
  • Download the Live Sport 365 app: Access Live Sport 365 on your mobile device for a convenient on-the-go experience.

Live Sport 365 TV strives to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for its users. If you encounter any difficulties or have questions, feel free to contact their customer support for assistance.

Why Can’t I Find Certain Leagues on Live Sport 365 TV?

The Live Sport 365 TV homepage typically displays matches scheduled for the current day. If you can’t find the league you’re interested in on the homepage, there are a couple of ways to locate it:

  • Search Function: Use the magnifying glass icon to search for the league by name, team name, or player name. This will provide you with relevant results, including matches, news, and highlights related to your search term.
  • Rankings Section: Access the “Rankings” section from the menu bar. This section provides a comprehensive list of all available leagues, including those without matches scheduled for the current day. You can browse through the list or use the search function within the rankings page to narrow down your search.

If you still encounter difficulties finding a specific league, you can contact Live Sport 365 customer support for further assistance. They can help you troubleshoot any issues and provide guidance on locating the league you’re looking for.

Live Sport 365 TV Live Soccer Platform: What Services Does It Offer?

Live Sport 365 live soccer platform offers a wide range of services for soccer fans. Here’s a summary of what’s available:


Stay up-to-date with the latest soccer news, from local, regional, and international leagues.

Get a variety of news updates, including player news, pre-match analysis, league updates, transfers, and more.

Match Results

Access comprehensive results for all completed soccer matches.

View detailed information for each match, including scores, assists, goalscorers, possession time, throw-ins, corners, cards, and more.

High-Quality Football Highlight Videos

Watch the most exciting and remarkable football highlights from matches on Live Sport 365

Rewatch key moments from major matches with high-quality highlight videos.

Catch all the most exciting action condensed into one convenient package.

Football Schedules for All Leagues

Keep track of upcoming matches for top soccer leagues like the Champions League, Premier League, La Liga, and more.

Plan your viewing schedule and never miss a game.

Detailed League Tables

View up-to-date standings for any league you’re interested in.

Access organized and informative tables with details like points, rounds played, goal difference, and more.


Utilize the free Livescore app to stay informed about the latest soccer action.

Access real-time scores for ongoing matches, live odds for all matches, live football streaming, and other sports coverage.

Live Soccer Streaming

Enjoy the most popular service on Live Sport 365TV: live soccer matches today.

Catch any match you want with Live Sport 365 extensive broadcast rights for major soccer leagues.

Experience exceptional picture quality for licensed matches.

Enhance your viewing experience with top-notch commentary from expert analysts.

Why Users Can’t Access the Live Sport 365 TV Website

Occasionally, users may encounter difficulties accessing Live Sport 365. There are several potential reasons for this. The most common causes include:

Network Connectivity Issues

  • Check your network connection when attempting to access the platform.
  • Try visiting other websites. If you cannot access other websites, the issue lies with your internet connection.
  • If you can access other websites, your network is likely stable.

Website Issues

  • Sometimes, Live Sport 365 TV may experience unexpected downtime or undergo maintenance, preventing users from accessing the site.
  • In these instances, you will need to wait for the technical team to resolve the issue or complete the maintenance work.
  • Once the issue is resolved, you should be able to access the website again.
  • However, such occurrences are rare.

Additional Tips

  • Clear your browser’s cache and cookies: This can sometimes resolve issues caused by outdated or corrupted data stored in your browser.
  • Try using a different browser: If the issue persists in one browser, try accessing the website using a different browser to rule out browser-specific problems.
  • Check for device updates: Ensure your device’s operating system and browser are up to date. Outdated software can sometimes lead to compatibility issues.

If you continue to experience difficulties accessing Live Sport 365, you can contact their customer support team for further assistance.


This comprehensive FAQ article has addressed the most common questions regarding Live Sport 365 TV services and provided detailed solutions. We hope that this information proves valuable to our users.