With the desire to become a familiar address for football enthusiasts, Live Sport 365 offers a wide range of quality services for everyone. Therefore, if any issues or problems arise during use, users should contact Live Sport 365 TV immediately for prompt support and resolution.

If you are a bookmaker or a brand looking to place banner ads on our website, please get in touch. This will allow both parties to cooperate and grow together. So, what are the methods to contact our website? Please follow the article below.

Introduction to the Customer Service Department at Live Sport 365

Not only does Live Sport 365 focus on providing great features for users, but it also pays special attention to customer service. Attracting users is difficult, but retaining them is much more challenging. Therefore, the customer service department at our website consistently receives positive feedback from users.

With a large team of customer service representatives who possess high levels of expertise and professionalism, they work 24/7 to resolve any issues users may have in the best possible way. So, if any problems or questions arise, please contact us immediately.

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Contact Information for Live Sport 365 TV

To get in touch with Live Sport 365 TV, users can use a variety of methods. Each method has its own advantages, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs. Specifically, the contact methods we provide include:

Contact via Chatbox

The Chatbox is a popular contact method currently in use. Live Sport 365 also provides this form of communication for everyone. On the homepage, you will find the Chatbox tool designed at the bottom right corner of the screen. If you encounter any issues, you can use this method.

Advantages of contacting via Chatbox:

  • Simple contact method: just access the homepage to use it.
  • Completely free for users.

Disadvantages of contacting via Chatbox:

  • This method is quite simple to use, so many people use it. As a result, the customer service department receives a large number of contacts each day, which can lead to longer response times.

Contact via Phone

Contacting directly via phone is the easiest contact method available today. Our phone number is publicly updated on the homepage. So if any issues arise, you can contact us immediately.

Advantages of contacting by phone:

  • Widely used and issues are resolved immediately because Live Sport 365 TV has a 24/7 hotline team.
  • When users present an issue to be resolved, the processing time is extremely quick due to the high level of expertise among our staff.

Disadvantages of contacting by phone:

  • Users have to pay for call charges. Therefore, the longer the call duration, the higher the cost.

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Contact via Email

This is another contact method provided by the Live Sport 365 website for everyone. You just need an email account and to clearly state the issue you need assistance with. Then, send it to the website’s email address and wait for it to be processed. The email address will be updated on the website for everyone to see and contact at any time.

Advantages of contacting by email:

  • A fairly simple contact method as almost everyone has an email account.
  • Completely free to use.

Disadvantages of contacting by email:

  • We check emails at fixed times each day, so the response time may be longer compared to other methods. However, replies will be sent within the day, so you can rest assured.
  • If the issue is not clearly stated, the response time may be extended.

Contact via Fanpage

With the rapid development of technology, social media is becoming increasingly popular, making it easier for people to communicate with each other. As a leading live football website, Live Sport 365 also has its own Fanpage. Therefore, users can contact us through this method to resolve their issues. The Fanpage information is also publicly updated on the homepage.

Advantages of contacting via Fanpage:

  • Extremely simple contact method as everyone has their own social media accounts, such as Facebook or Zalo.
  • This method is completely free to use.

Disadvantages of contacting via Fanpage:

  • We receive a large number of messages on our Fanpage each day. Our staff must check and handle each message, so the response time can be quite long.

Contact via Other Social Media Platforms

In addition to our Fanpage, Live Sport 365 TV also uses many other social media accounts such as Zalo, Instagram, Telegram, etc. Therefore, you can choose any account that is most convenient for you. The contact information will be publicly updated on the homepage for everyone to see.

Advantages of contacting via social media:

  • Users can contact us anytime they need, very easily.
  • Completely free to use as long as you have your own account.

Disadvantages of contacting via social media:

  • Response time may be quite long as we receive many user messages each day.

Cases in Which Live Sport 365 TV Responds

Of course, not everyone who contacts us will receive a response. Live Sport 365 only replies in the following cases:

  • Users needing assistance with issues encountered while using our services.
  • Questions related to football betting, results, football information, etc.
  • Individuals wanting to collaborate as commentators or betting experts with us.
  • People who want to contribute ideas to help develop the website further.
  • Bookmakers wanting to place banner ads on our website to reach more potential customers.

Cases in Which Live Sport 365 TV Refuses to Respond

In the following cases, the website reserves the right to refuse a response, and users need to be aware of this. Specifically, they are:

  • Users with questions unrelated to football, sports, and betting.
  • Users who use vulgar or offensive language towards customer service staff.
  • Questions about pre-match analysis and betting predictions we publish. These articles are provided for reference purposes, and the website does not guarantee their accuracy. Players who use them must take full responsibility for their own results.
  • Complaints that are outside the website’s control, such as match schedules, team line-ups, technical issues, etc.


Above are the ways to contact the Live Sport 365 website that users can utilize. Each contact method has its own advantages and is suitable for different issues. Therefore, people need to consider and choose the most convenient way to contact us. They should also focus on asking the right questions. We reserve the right not to respond to questions that are unrelated from users.