Today, instead of watching live football on TV, many people prefer the method of watching live football matches. Because, this form brings flexibility, allowing you to enjoy your favorite matches anywhere, just with an internet-connected device such as a phone or computer. Live Sport 365 is the leading website for watching live soccer scores. Here, you can easily search for and follow any match you desire. The image quality is transmitted with high resolution, no less than watching on TV, bringing a vivid and authentic football viewing experience.

What is the Live Sport 365 TV website?

For many sports fans around the world, following live soccer scores is always the most popular choice today. That’s why Live Sport 365 TV was born and is breaking through to become the top live soccer scores website.

Now, on your family TV, you can watch football matches with high resolution (HD) or even 3D, bringing the excitement of the match. Every day, tens of thousands of people access the platform to search for and enjoy top-notch matches. The excellent quality here has won over millions of sports enthusiasts.

It’s no exaggeration to say that Live Sport 365 TV is one of the pioneering websites applying 4.0 technology to football broadcasting. Therefore, you will experience matches with top-notch image quality, sound, smooth transmission, and professional Vietnamese commentary.

Despite possessing superior quality, these platforms are entirely free. You can freely follow the biggest and most exciting matches, including licensed matches, without any fees.

Things to know about the Live Sport 365 TV website

Live Sport 365 – The Leading Live Football Streaming Website

Accessing Live Sport 365, fans can watch live matches happening daily with scores updated in real-time, just a few seconds after changes on the field.

In addition to scores, the live football on TV platform also provides a lot of information and data about each match, including goal scorers, starting lineups, yellow cards, pre-match analysis, head-to-head history, rankings of hundreds of tournaments and football cups worldwide such as the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, Greek Super League, Welsh Premier League, and the World Cup.

Along with the live score of each match, you can know the current playing minutes. Besides, you can also see the start time of all matches. Especially, scores and results are updated automatically so you don’t need to refresh the page.

Live Sport 365 TV always strives to ensure accurate live score services, live results, and the latest updated data, but we are not responsible for any errors or omissions in the content of our services.

In addition to live scores and results, we also provide highlight videos of matches and goal videos as the match is still ongoing. The videos are updated right after the match, so you never miss a goal.

Highlight videos of matches are added right after the final whistle, so you can review the highlights if you missed the match.

Especially, Live Sport 365 is a completely free website. We do not charge for the services we provide to users, including live football scores, live football broadcasts, and highlight videos.

What makes Live Sport 365 live football data platform attractive?

With the rapid development of technology, the demand for watching live soccer TV on mobile devices is increasing. Live Sport 365 TV was created to meet this demand, bringing high-quality live football viewing experiences to football enthusiasts, as well as fans of other sports, regardless of time and location.

Built by a team of top football experts, Live Sport 365 TV provides a system of live streaming links for all the most exciting tournaments, including:

  • International tournaments: Champions League, Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1, Euro, World Cup, etc.
  • Regional tournaments: AFF Cup, World Cup qualifiers, Asian U23, Sea Games…
  • Domestic tournaments: V-League, National First Division…
  • Other minor tournaments: in the Americas, Asia, Europe….

With a user-friendly interface, easy-to-use interface, and sharp image quality, vibrant sound, Live Sport 365 brings viewers the pinnacle matches with the best experience.

Moreover, the platform also offers viewers the top-notch experience of watching live soccer scores completely for free. With a diverse system of links, sharp image quality, vibrant sound, and modern transmission technology, Live Sport 365 TV live football on TV promises to bring you the most exciting moments in sports.

Live Sport 365 TV provides viewers with a diverse system of live football viewing links, continuously updated from quite early on. Each match is provided with at least 3 links, ensuring you always have backup links to continue watching the match without interruption.

With the Live Football platform, you will be immersed in the top matches with sharp image quality, authentic and vivid sound. The images are transmitted with high resolution, allowing you to follow every beautiful moment of the match. The vibrant sound makes you feel like you’re right at the stadium, bringing excitement and thrill.

The website utilizes the most advanced transmission technology, ensuring you a smooth, lag-free, stutter-free experience when watching live football scores. Thanks to this, you can fully focus on the match without any interruptions.

Users rave about Live Sport 365 outstanding advantages

To become a leading live soccer platform today, Live Sport 365 TV always strives to develop its strengths such as:

Live Sport 365 TV shares useful football betting tips from top experts

With the Live Sport 365 TV website, you can easily search for and watch any match you love live. We provide links to watch football matches from all the major tournaments worldwide, including:

  • English Premier League: Home to top teams like Manchester United, Liverpool, Chelsea, etc.
  • UEFA Champions League: The most prestigious tournament for national champions.
  • Serie A: Italy’s number one tournament with names like Juventus, AC Milan, Inter Milan, etc.
  • La Liga: Spain’s top league featuring Real Madrid, Barcelona, Atletico Madrid, etc.
  • Bundesliga: Germany’s largest football league with Bayern Munich as the dominant team.
  • Ligue 1: France’s top league with PSG as a strong contender for the championship.
  • UEFA Europa League: Europe’s second-tier club competition after the Champions League.
  • FIFA World Cup: The biggest football tournament on the planet held every four years.
  • UEFA European Championship (Euro): Europe’s championship tournament held every four years.
  • Vietnam national team tournaments: AFF Cup, Sea Games, Asian U23, World Cup qualifiers, etc.
  • Domestic football tournaments: National First Division, V-League, etc.

Moreover, Live Sport 365 also provides hundreds of other football tournaments worldwide. With sharp image quality, vibrant sound, and smooth transmission, the platform promises to bring you the best football viewing experience.

User-friendly website interface

Live Sport 365 TV understands that not everyone is tech-savvy, especially those who love watching live football scores. Therefore, our team of technicians has carefully researched user behavior and designed an extremely scientific and intelligent website.

All content is arranged scientifically, easy to see, and clearly divided into different categories, helping users easily find the information they need quickly and simply.

When accessing the platform, you will be provided with full information about the football match you want to watch, including the names of the two teams playing, the match time, the stadium where the match is being played, etc., in a complete and accurate way.

Thanks to this, you will not miss any important information about your favorite match.

High-quality live match streaming

As one of the most reputable and loved live soccer score platforms today, Live Sport 365 always brings viewers the best experience with top-notch image and sound quality. Specifically as follows:

Matches are broadcast with resolutions from HD and above, ensuring sharp, lifelike images.

Vivid sound with high volume, helps you immerse yourself in every moment of the match.

In addition, the website also provides a standard screen size, suitable for many different devices such as computers, phones, and tablets.

You can easily adjust the volume, image resolution, or screen size to suit your needs.

With its outstanding advantages in image, sound quality, and flexibility in the experience, Live Sport 365 TV brings you moments of watching football at the highest level and full of emotions.

Updates of live football scores from reputable sources

Live Sport 365 not only provides updates of links for the world’s leading football leagues, but also for regional and domestic leagues. In particular, the live football match today platform also updates links from leading Vietnamese football broadcasting channels such as K+ or VTV.

Currently, the website is partnering with leading football broadcasting channels such as K+, VTV, etc. to stream live matches here for everyone to enjoy. Therefore, you can watch all the matches taking place on these 2 channels here completely free of charge.

The quality of watching K+, VTV, etc. football at Live Sport 365 TV is also extremely good. Because the website has partnered with these channels. So you can enjoy the football matches you like with the same quality as watching them on TV.

Ad-free website

Live Sport 365 TV live streams tennis tournaments with the highest quality

Live Sport 365 TV is known for providing viewers with high-quality online football matches, stable transmission, and especially no intrusive advertising.

Unlike other online football websites, Live Sport 365 is committed to providing viewers with the best possible experience by completely eliminating ads throughout the match. This allows viewers to focus fully on the match without being distracted by annoying banners or video ads.

With the platform, viewers can fully enjoy their passion for football without being interrupted by any factors. This is why Live Sport 365 has become one of the most favorite live soccer tv websites today.

Continuously updated pre-match information

In addition to the above advantages, the platform also provides full pre-match information quickly and accurately, giving you an overview and better understanding of the two teams about to play.

  • Starting lineup: List of all players participating in the match, including players absent due to injury or suspension.
  • Current form: Analysis of the playing performance of the two teams in recent matches.
  • Head-to-head record: Statistics on the history of matches between the two teams, helping you predict the outcome of the upcoming match to some extent.
  • Venue: Identify the location of the match.
  • Nature of the match: Distinguish between a match of importance in the tournament or just a friendly match.
  • Position on the table: Update the current position of the two teams in the standings.

With continuously updated and accurate information,Live Sport 365 TV helps you grasp the full situation of the two teams before the match, from which you can make accurate predictions and enjoy every exciting moment of the top match.

Professional commentary team

With the desire to bring viewers the best experience of top matches, Live Sport 365 live soccer scores has invested heavily in recruiting the leading commentators in the country today.

As a result, all matches broadcast on the platform are commented by professional commentators with deep expertise and the ability to convey information in an engaging and lively manner.

Moreover, the website also creates conditions for viewers to interact directly with the commentators during the match. Viewers can easily ask questions about football, players, transfer information, etc. to be answered directly by professional commentators.

Guide on how to watch live football on Live Sport 365 TV smoothly and stably

Watch live football match schedules of all leagues around the world on Live Sport 365

Thanks to its scientific and easy-to-use interface, along with a diverse sports program, Live Sport 365 brings viewers the best experience when watching football matches.

In addition, the process of searching and watching live football matches on the platform is extremely simple with just a few steps:

Step 1: Access the Live Sport 365 website on your computer, laptop or phone with an internet connection.

Step 2: Select the “Live Football” option in the toolbar.

Step 3: Search for your favorite match based on the tournament, match time or team name.

Step 4: Click on the “Watch” button to enjoy the live match.

With an interface compatible with all operating systems, the platform allows you to watch football anytime, anywhere.

Reasons to watch live football today on the Live Sport 365 platform

Free Live Basketball – Satisfy your passion with Live Sport 365

As you know, Live Sport 365 is the leading live soccer website today, providing you with a completely free top-notch football viewing experience. With its outstanding advantages, our platform has become the favorite destination of millions of football fans around the world.

Continuously updates links to all major and minor leagues in the world, including the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Champions League, World Cup, etc. Help you easily find and watch your favorite matches.

Bring you football matches with sharp Full HD image quality, vivid sound, allowing you to immerse yourself in every moment on the pitch.

The Live Sport 365 platform uses modern lines, ensuring smooth speed, no lag, helping you enjoy the matches fully without interruption.

Provides professional Vietnamese commentary, helping you understand the match progress and increase the excitement when watching.

The website minimizes advertising, not bothering your experience while watching football.

The web interface is designed scientifically, making it easy to find and access matches.

Live Sport 365 supports a variety of devices, allowing you to watch football on your phone, computer, tablet, etc. anytime.

Provides completely free service, unlimited number of times to watch. You can comfortably watch your favorite matches without worrying about the cost.

Provides the latest football news, match results, match schedules, standings, etc. to help you stay updated on information about your favorite teams and leagues.

Try Live Sport 365 today to enjoy the ultimate football viewing experience!


In short, with Live Sport 365, you can easily find and watch any live football match you want. The platform’s image and sound quality are highly rated, providing a viewing experience no different from watching on traditional TV. Try Live Sport 365 TV today to not miss any football matches you love!